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The economy was in recession. As the recession deepened, the group folded. RECESSION meaning - RECESSION pronunciation - RECESSION definition - REC http://www.theaudiopedia.com What is RECESSION? What does RECESSION mean? recession [re-sesh´un] the drawing away of a tissue or part from its normal position. gingival recession the drawing back of the gingivae from the necks of the teeth, with Normally, the recession follows the downward phase of an economy, with stagnation or decline in the investment, reduction of income, and increase of unemployment.

Recession meaning

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The continued impact of COVID-19 has played a significant role in the uncertainty of the economy. While recessions are a common part of  3 Mar 2020 In our conversations, business leaders are asking whether the market drawdown truly signals a recession, how bad a Covid-19 recession would be, what the scenarios are for growth and recovery, and whether there will be any&n 22 Apr 2009 The International Monetary Fund was slow to apply the word “recession” to the current global downturn, partly because it didn't have a good definition (and partly because it didn't want to spook markets and IMF mem 17 Mar 2020 The classic definition of a recession is two or more quarters during which the economy shrinks. Typically a contraction is accompanied by rising layoffs, falling incomes, declining consumer spending and less production of The textbook definition of recession is: two consecutive quarters of negative real ( inflation- adjusted) GDP. While that may be the case, the Government uses a different yardstick. An organization called the National Bureau of Economic R a period of economic decline when production, employment, and earnings fall below normal levels or lag behind normal growth: [countable]The country was in a recession.[uncountable]fighting recession. the act of receding or withdrawing:[&n defined as “a decline in the seasonally and calendar adjusted real gross domestic product (GDP) in at least two successive quarters”. Since GDP is the most comprehensive indicator of economic activity and the critical period for a recess 22 Dec 2012 From the technical definition of recession it follows that country B is in recession.

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A period of reduced production and unemployment is an example of a recession. noun.

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25 Apr 2010 Recession definition · A fall in GDP of 10% or more. · A fall in GDP for over 3 years. · Unemployment over 20% · Definition of Depression. 3 Dec 2020 Latest RBI bulletin projects contraction for a second consecutive quarter, which means the economy is in a 'technical recession'. What does it mean, and how is it different from a 'recession' and a 'rece Definition of RECESSION (noun): period of unsuccessful economy and high unemployment. An overall decline in economic activity mainly observed as a slowdown in output and employment. It is not as severe or prolonged as a depression.

Recession meaning

more. Economic Shock Definition. Recession, defined. The loose definition of recession is two straight quarters of declines in real gross domestic product, the broadest gauge of U.S. growth. Economic Recession Definition. Economic Recession is the phase where economic activity is stagnant, contraction in the business cycle, over-supply of goods compared to its demand, a higher rate of the jobless situation resulted in lower household savings and lower expense and the Government is unable to cope up certain economy and cumulation of inflation, higher interest rate, the higher Example of Global Recession. As per the world bank definition of recession the world has experienced four recessions post World War II. These recessions happened in 1975, 1982, 1991, and 2009.
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RECESSION. A re-grant: the act of returning the title of a country to a government which formerly held it, by one which has it at the time; as the recession of Louisiana, which took place by the treaty between France and Spain, of October 1, 1800.

Until recently the country's economy has re·ces·sion 1 1. The fact or action of moving away or back, especially: a. The erosion of a cliff or headland from a given point, as 2. A significant period of economic decline from the peak to the trough of a business cycle, characterized by decreasing 3.
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How to use recession in a sentence. Meaning of recession in English A lot of companies have been adversely affected by the recession. For the second time in ten years, the government has driven the economy into deep and damaging recession. Demand for new cars has fallen due to the recession.